Comparison of the parallax adjustment between 3-24x42mm and 3-24x52mm March Rifle Scope

Posted 10/08/2019

“Has the parallax adjustment improved from 3-24x42mm to 3-24x52mm March Rifle Scope?”

This is a question I have received from one of our customers recently.

The answer is YES.


For both 3-24x42mm and 3-24x52mm scopes we use the same objective lens with same objective focal length.

The resolution is greater with larger objective lens.


Resolving power of the lens is generally defined by  Dawes’s empirical formula :

[Resolving power = 115.8 second /(devided by) diameter of the objective lens]


In this case, 

3x-24x42mm scope  : resolving power of 42mm objective lens is 2.76 arc second

3x-24x52mm scope  : resolving power of 56mm objective lens is 2.23 arc second


We use same components for focus turret (parallax adjustment) for both scopes..

However because the resolving power is greater with 3x-24x52mm by 23.8% than with 3-24x42mm,

consequently it becomes easier to adjust the parallax.

You will be able to see clearer with the 3x-24x52mm when adjusting the parallax.



Written by : Mari Morita

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