First Focal Plane Reticles

A First Focal Plane, or FFP, reticle does not change the area it covers regardless of the power setting.
The FFP reticle subtends the same distance on a target whether the magnification ring is set at 5 power or at 40 power.
Historically, FFP scopes had thick bars that obscured the target at the highest settings,
but March has changed the rules making our FFP reticles usable at magnifications other scope makers can only aspire to.

For 1x-8x24mm

For 1x-10x24mm

For 1.5x-15x42mm

For 3x-24x42mm & 52mm

For 4.5x-28x52mm

For 5x-40x56mm

For 5x-42x56mm

For 4x-40x52mm Genesis

For 6x-60x56mm Genesis