• Shiraz Balolia (USA)

    Shiraz Balolia (USA)

    2008 - Gold medal USA / European Team match
    2009 - Represented U.S.A. at the F-Class World Championships in Bisley, England.
    Came home with bronze, silver and gold medals in various categories
    2009 - Gold medal, Team USA, four man International Team match, Bisley, England
    2010 - Gold medal at 1000 yards, United States F-Class National Championships
    2012 - Gold medal at 1000 yards, United States F-Class National Championships
    2013 - Match winner and gold medal, F-Open, Berger Southwest Long Range Rifle Championships at Phoenix, Arizona, 800, 900, 1000 yards
    2013 - Match winner F-Open, Rocky Mountain Palma Championships at Raton, New Mexico, 800, 900, 1000 yards
    2013 - Gold medal, four man team match United States National Championship, 1000 yards
    2014 - Gold medal, four man team match, Berger SW Nationals
    2014 - Team Grizzly sets a national record at 800, 900, 1000 yards.
    2014 - Gold Medal and National Champion of Canadian F-Class National Championships, Ottawa
    2014 - Gold Medals in all 3 Four-Man Team matches at Canadian F-Class National Championships in Ottawa
    2014 - Represented USA National Team and won gold medal at the America Match against the Canadians
    2014 - Gold Medal 1000 Yards at 2014 United States F-Class Nationals
    2014 - Gold Medal 1000 Yards Four-Man Team match (Team Grizzly), United States F-Class Championship
    2015 - Gold Medal 700, 800, 900 Meters Aggregate at 2015 Canadian National Championships.
    2015 - Gold Medal and National Champion of Canadian F-Class National Championships, Ottawa.
    2015 - Gold Medal 1000 Yards at 2015 United States National Championships.
    2015 - Gold Medal 1000 Yards Four-Man Team Match (Team Grizzly) United States F-Class Championship.
    2016 - Remarkable third consecutive Canadian F-Class National Championship win 2016, 2015, 2014.
    2017 - Gold Medal, 4-Man Team Match (Team USA), Canadian National Championship.
    700, 800, 900 Meters. Teams from 13 Countries Competed in this Huge Match.
    2018 - Won a gold medal at the United States F-Class Championships at 1000 yards, shooting an incredible 200-14x. (14 of his 20 shots were within the 5” x ring at 1000 yards)
    2018 - Gold Medal, 1000 Yards Four Man Team Match, United States F-Class Open Team Championship. Note all the March Scopes on the rifles in the picture below.
    2018 - Awarded International Distinguished Rifleman Award, the highest and most prestigious award given to a rifleman in the USA.
    2023 – Gold Medal, World Championship, Team USA. Shiraz was one of the 8 shooters on TEAM USA that won the 2023 F-Class World Championship in South Africa.

  • Sardar M Jamal K Leghari (Pakistan)

    Sardar M Jamal K Leghari (Pakistan)

    2021- National Record at 1000 Meters, Pakistan
    2021- 2nd ASF @1000 Meters
    2020- 2nd best ever at 600 Meters in the Nationals at PARA Meets, Pakistan
    2020- 1st Position and a Gold Medal in 10th Nawab Shabbir khan Chandio’s All Pakistan Long Range Un-defined Shooting Championship

  • Larry Costa (USA)

    Larry Costa (USA)

    2020 - Champion for Light Varmint Grand and the 2-Gun at Cactus Classic Benchrest Match.

    Larry won at Shamrock, Weikert Memorial Match, East/West, IBS Nationals 3 Gun, NBRSA 2, 3 4 Guns.
    Larry inducted into the Benchrest Hall of Fame. Larry uses a 50×52 fixed on all his rifles.

  • Keith Cottrell (USA)

    Keith Cottrell (USA)

    World Record in Heavy Varmint 200 yard Class.
    His 5-shot small group measured 0.095” at 200 yard at Cactus Classic on May 2020.

  • Annie Elliott (Australia)

    Annie Elliott (Australia)

    1992 Australian record holder for the smallest group at the 500m Fly Shoot
    1999 Gold medal at national two-gun trophy
    2000 Gold Medal at Australia Day benchrest two-gun trophy, Australian Benchrest Shooter of the Year
    2019 Gold Medal at Air Rifle Heavy Varmint, Rimfire Light Varmint, Rimfire Heavy Varmint and the 2 Gun

  • Gary Costello (UK)

    Gary Costello (UK)

    2015 GB 600 yard GB F Class short range
    Championship Winner
    2015 3rd Place 2015 GB long range Challenge 1000, 1100, 1200 yards
    2015 Canadian National F Class championship 900m Bronze medal and Silver medal Grand Agg
    2016 900 yard double gold medal winner European F Class Championship
    2016 Double Bronze medal winner European F Class Championships grand agg
    2016 Winner 1000 yard GB Highland Champion
    2019 Gold Medal at Great Britain National league Champion(F-Open)

  • Sandro Caroselli (Italy)

    Sandro Caroselli (Italy)

    2018 - Winner of Centro Italia F-TR National 2018 - 2nd place National Squaldre F-TR
    2019 - Winner Emerald Cup Ireland
    2019 - 4th place individual National F-TR

  • Conor McFlynn (Ireland)

    Conor McFlynn (Ireland)

    World FT Champion 2011 European FT Champion 2012 Euskadi Champion (Spain) 2011,2013, 2016, 2019 NEFTA Classic Overall Champion 2011 NEFTA Classic Silhouette Champion2011,2012, 2013 NEFTA Classic FT Champion 2014 BFTA Championships (UK) 2014

  • Asad Wahid (UK & Pakistan)

    Asad Wahid (UK & Pakistan)

    2019- Great Britain National F class Champion (F T/R)
    2019- Top Gun UK Champion
    2019- GB National Pennine Challenge Champion (F T/R)
    2019- GB National Northern F-class Champion (F T/R)
    2019- GB National Highland Challenge Champion (F T/R)
    2019 - Runner UP GB Long Range Challenge (F T/R)
    2019- 5th Place European Championship
    2019- Adjutant Great Britain F T/R team
    2018- Top Gun Champion

  • Keith Stephens (USA)

    Keith Stephens (USA)

    President's Hundred match in 2016

  • Justin Utley (USA)

    Justin Utley (USA)

    President's Hundred match at Camp Perry Ohio in 2017

  • Madison Butler (USA)

    Madison Butler (USA)

    National record for juniors shooting in a LEG matches 2017