Deon Optical Design are the creators and designers of MARCH Rifle Scopes, which are all hand-built in Japan by Japanese craftsmen using only genuine Japanese made parts to achieve the highest optical standards possible.
Shooters deserve the best possible optics to succeed in all aspects of competition, tactical, and hunting situations, for this reason Deon has produced a MARCH rifle scope for every situation.

Deon has over 4 decades of experience in optical design and manufacture, having previously designed some of the best selling scopes still in production today for other top manufacturers.
With Deon’s focus and attention to detail makes the MARCH brand the ultimate in rifle scope design heading into the 21st century.


Designed by expert engineers

March riflescopes are designed by our expert engineers. They have over four decades experience of designing high precision optical products including
riflescopes. March scopes are creations by their experience and knowledge to give hunter and shooter what they seek. In addition, they always develop new riflescopes continuously to cause innovation.

Made in Japan

More than 150 parts are used for March scopes, and they are produced and supplied by Japanese manufacturers with the world’ s highest technology.
These parts are required to be high precision in order to be used for March Scopes with the highest optical performance and durability.

All hand made

Riflescopes have to stand recoil of the firing. Sometimes the shock goes up to 1000G. Obviously, optical and mechanical systems of riflescope are required high durability. In addition, Riflescopes keep good performance even in severe weather condition during hunting and shooting. In order to overcome those conditions, March scopes are built precisely by hand of skilled workers. And then March Scopes which have passed 20 inspection items can be shipped out.