March owners' club


  • RandyJarvais

    Randy Jarvais

    New IBS Varmint for Score Grand Agg of 500-40x record in September 2013 at Vermont States Championship. Randy was using a 10-60×52.

  • CharlesHuckeba

    Charles Huckeba

    March scope wins at the World Benchrest Championships again. Charles Huckeba from Texas, USA won the Two Gun individual Gold Medal in Sydney Australia,2013.

  • LarryCosta

    Larry Costa

    Larry won at Shamrock, Weikert Memorial Match, East/West, IBS Nationals 3 Gun, NBRSA 2, 3 4 Guns. He placed fifth at the Firearms Industry Super Shoot. Larry inducted into the Benchrest Hall of Fame as well. Larry uses a 50×52 fixed on all his rifles.

  • Chris Harris

    Chris Harris

    2010 NBRSA Nationals LV Champion

  • DonNielson

    Don Nielson

    2010 NBRSA 600 yards Overall Champion

  • MikeRatigan

    Mike Ratigan

    2007 NBRSA Nationals 4-Gun & World Benchrest LV,HV & 2-Gun Champion

  • ManTeam

    4Man Team

    Left to Right -George Kelbly, Don Nielson,Lou Murdica and Larry Costa

  • AustraliaTeamwonWBC

    Australia Team won WBC 10

    2009 World Benchrest Shooting Championship Team Manager: Annie El liott Left to Right:Stuart Elliott, Brendan Atkinson,Craig Whittleton and Paul Sullivan

  • RichardWild

    Richard Wild

    Richard Wild from Canberra set a new Australian 1,000yds record of a single group measuring 2.067” (52.5mm) at Brisbane, Australia recently.

  • GaryCostello

    Gary Costello (UK)

    2015 GB 600 yard GB F Class short range
    Championship Winner
    2015 3rd Place 2015 GB long range Challenge 1000,
    1100, 1200 yards
    2015 Canadian National F Class championship, 900m
    Bronze medal and Silver medal Grand Agg
    2016 900 yard double gold medal winner European
    F Class Championship
    2016 Double Bronze medal winner European F Class
    Championships grand agg
    2016 Winner 1000 yard GB Highland Champion

  • GregSauve

    Greg Sauve

    2011 CanadianFT (Field Target) Champion 2011 World FT Senior Division Champion 2011 US Nationals WTFT Division Champion

  • ConorMcFlynn

    Conor McFlynn (UK)

    World FT Champion 2011 European FT Champion 2012 Euskadi Champion (Spain) 2011 NEFTA Classic Overall Champion 2011 NEFTA Classic Silhouette Champion2011,2012, 2013 NEFTA Classic FT Champion 2014 BFTA Championships (UK) 2014

  • DavidAlsup

    David Alsup

    2012&2013 FT (Field Target) U.S.Nationals Open PCP Rifle Division Champion

  • Stuart Anselm

    Stuart Anselm

    2016 F class Scottish Highland
    Championship:1000yards Gold medal
    2016 GB Long range championship: 1000yds Gold medal, 1100yds Silver medal, 1200yds Gold medal(new record) 1000yards gold medal. 1st plase overall
    2016 Scottish Highland Championship 1000yrd gold medal 2nd place overall
    2016 British Championship Bisley: 1000yard Bronze medal. 1000 yards Silver medal, 1000 yards Silver medal, Winner overall.
    2016 GB National League Champion


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