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  • Annie Elliott (Australia)

    Annie Elliott (Australia)

    1992 Australian record holder for the smallest group at the 500m Fly Shoot
    1999 Gold medal at national two-gun trophy
    2000 Gold Medal at Australia Day benchrest two-gun trophy, Australian Benchrest Shooter of the Year
    2019 Gold Medal at Air Rifle Heavy Varmint, Rimfire Light Varmint, Rimfire Heavy Varmint and the 2 Gun

  • Sandro Caroselli (Italy)

    Sandro Caroselli (Italy)

    2018 - Winner of Centro Italia F-TR National 2018 - 2nd place National Squaldre F-TR
    2019 - Winner Emerald Cup Ireland
    2019 - 4th place individual National F-TR

  • Asad Wahid (UK & Pakistan)

    Asad Wahid (UK & Pakistan)

    2019- Great Britain National F class Champion (F T/R)
    2019- Top Gun UK Champion
    2019- GB National Pennine Challenge Champion (F T/R)
    2019- GB National Northern F-class Champion (F T/R)
    2019- GB National Highland Challenge Champion (F T/R)
    2019 - Runner UP GB Long Range Challenge (F T/R)
    2019- 5th Place European Championship
    2019- Adjutant Great Britain F T/R team
    2018- Top Gun Champion

  • Gary Costello (UK)

    Gary Costello (UK)

    2015 GB 600 yard GB F Class short range
    Championship Winner
    2015 3rd Place 2015 GB long range Challenge 1000, 1100, 1200 yards
    2015 Canadian National F Class championship 900m Bronze medal and Silver medal Grand Agg
    2016 900 yard double gold medal winner European F Class Championship
    2016 Double Bronze medal winner European F Class Championships grand agg
    2016 Winner 1000 yard GB Highland Champion
    2019 Gold Medal at Great Britain National league Champion(F-Open)

  • Keith Stephens (USA)

    Keith Stephens (USA)

    President's Hundred match in 2016

  • Justin Utley (USA)

    Justin Utley (USA)

    President's Hundred match at Camp Perry Ohio in 2017

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