Price of March Scopes remains unchanged for the time being despite rising material costs

Posted 01/14/2022

The manufacturing industry including DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) is facing upward pressure on costs due to high global raw material prices and rising transportation costs.


1. Shortage of Aluminum ingot

The global supply-demand balance for new aluminum ingots in 2022 is forecast to be 1.835 million tons in short supply. The previous year’s supply shortfall was 810,000 tons, and this year’s shortfall is expected to increase by more than 1 million tons. At DEON, the cost of aluminum scope bodies has increased about 15% from the previous year.

Chart : Aluminum price change over the year

Quoted from: https://markets.businessinsider.com/commodities/aluminum-price


2. Shortage of semiconductor

Global semiconductor shortage is also affecting us. The price of the IC chip in the illumination module has doubled in price.


3. Reduction of air flights 

Transportation fares have also fluctuated greatly due to reduced air travel. Last year the airfare doubled or even tripled at times when exporting March Scopes overseas.


4. Price increase of glass and other materials

Glass materials and glass melting processes have been affected by the rising cost of crude oil and the shortage of workers due to the suspension of human flow caused by COVID 19, making it difficult to obtain materials and increasing the price. Some camera manufacturers have unavoidably raised the price. Wholesale prices for packaging materials such as boxes and cardboard have also risen. It is no exaggeration to say that almost everything has increased in price. We have heard that some other scope manufactures will increase the price and it is perfectly understandable.


We have not increased the price of March scopes for the same specifications (included accessories etc.) for over 15 years since the birth of March Scopes. However if the current economic situation (e.g. material price increase) does not improve, we may need to raise the product price (MSRP). So far at DEON, we are doing our best to provide scopes without raising prices and we will try to keep our current price as long as possible. Thanks to all the supporters of March Scopes!


Written by : Mari Morita

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