Congratulations to Sardar M Jamal K Leghari for winning silver medal at 1000meters and bronze medal at 1200meters (Pakistan)

Posted 12/21/2021

March Scope Owner, Sardar M Jamal K Leghari, again set an impressive results in the Nationals (3rd MAJOSC), December 2021, held at the Beautiful Pabbi Ranges in Pakistan. Jamal won Silver Medal at 1000 meters with 300 wsm & March 10-60×56 by scoring 191/200. He also won Bronze Medal at 1200 meters with 300 win mag & March 8-80×56 by shooting a 48/50. Congratulations for winning 2 medals at the 3rd MAJOSC! (It is interesting to know that Jamal shoots with not only different ammo but also with different scopes according to the distances.)







Jamal’s wife also performed very well and made it to the top 15 Finalists in the F-TR 600 Meters and got a decent score of 191/200 in the finals.




DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) congratulates Jamal’s achievements! Please keep up the excellent work and we look forward to your future accomplishments as well;)


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