Scope height of Genesis 6-60×56 and 4-40×52 Scopes

Posted 03/17/2022

For those customers that own Genesis 6-60×56 Scopes, below is a technical diagram which shows how to determine your scope height, from the center of the scope to the surface of the rail which is approximately the same as the center of the bolt. This is for Ballistic programs and we hope this information is useful to all our Genesis Owners. The middle part 24mm is the height for a spacer. If you are using the scope with a spacer, the scope height would be 33mm+24mm+9mm=66mm. If you are not using one, the height would be 33mm+9mm=42mm for Genesis 6-60×56 Scope.

If you are using a Mini Genesis 4-40×52 Scope, the measurement will be different. 33mm would be 31mm, 24mm would be 14.5mm in 4-40×52, 9mm remains the same. Therefore the scope height with a spacer would be 31mm+ 14.5mm+9mm=54.5mm for Genesis 4-40×52 Scope. If you do not want to use the spacer, do not add 14.5mm to calculate the scope height.

This info is to allow customers to determine the sight height and explain how it is calculated, the shooter will need to add their center bore measurement to base of rail (as shown) to get exact measurement, in most cases this will be minimal and may not make a huge difference to ballistic calculations.


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