Regarding the past article on our value / March Scopes adopts true mathematical mil 1/6283

Posted 05/31/2022

US military and NATO forces adopt MIL or milliradian equal to 1/6,400 of a circle. It is slightly different from the true value of a milliradian, which is equal to 1/6,283 of a circle. At DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes), we adopt 1/6,283 of a circle for March scopes.


We have been receiving inquiries regarding the past article written by Precision Rifle Blog in 2014. They mentioned that our 3-24×42 FFP scope showed tracking error of 2% and that other testers displayed the same results. This is because Precision Rifle Blog tested the prototype of 3-24×42 FFP scope which was made in 1/6,400. The difference of the value between 1/6,400 and 1/6,283 of a circle explains the tracking error in their test result. We adopt true mathematical mil, 1/6,283 of a circle for MIL production model March Scopes. We thank you for your understanding.


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