Youtube report on European F Class Championship, how to shoot a five-inch circle at 1,000 yards by Fieldsports Channel

Posted 10/17/2022

187 shooters from 13 countries gathered at the sacred National Shooting Center at Bisley UK to participate the European F class held during September 6-11, 2022. This is the dream destination for all the F class shooters around the world. You can see the environment at the range and feel the vibe in this video. Richie Jones at Great Britain F Class Association and Dan Lomas, 2019 F/TR Champion, explains the demanded accuracy of this precision F class shooting. Interview of Gary Costello, Managing director at March Scopes UK/Europe, starts from 5:00 in this video! Erik Cortina from the US talks about his experience from 7:31. This is an exciting video and provides a good overview of the F class shooting.



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