Video showing an Impact test conducted at DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) in Japan

Posted 03/08/2023

DEON is a small custom manufacturer of March Scopes in Japan carefully handcrafting scopes with great attention to detail. Not only do we pay attention to the material, but we conduct thorough inspections for all our scopes. Instead of spot checks, all scopes, regardless of the model, are subjected to a 20-point inspection, including a tracking test, box test and shock resistance test etc. before shipping. And only those that pass the tests with high accuracy can be shipped. This is possible because we are a small custom manufacturer with limited production, and we can test each and every scope manually as well.


An impact test conducted at DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) is shown in this video. The scope is placed on a steel stand and struck from directly above and from the side. The first half of the video shows the positional relationship between the reticle of the riflescope and the collimator’s marker plate before the impact is applied, and then checks to see if that relationship changes after the impact is applied. If the positional relationship shifts, it means that the reticle of the rifle scope has been changed by the impact. The second half of the video shows the impact test procedure itself.


*We are using a separate camera to show you the reticle in this video, but we usually look directly into the collimator with our naked eyes. If you are interested, please check our article on our website for more information regarding other tests. https://marchscopes.com/news/15193/



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Posted by : Mari Morita at DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) in Japan


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