Congratulations to Mike Harris for winning 13 medals at the 154th Imperial Meeting at Bisley Ranges in the UK!

Posted 07/14/2023

March Scopes owner, Mike Harris is off to a great start in the 2023 F Class Season. Last week, Mike competed in the 154th Imperial Meeting at Bisley Ranges in the UK. Mike took home an incredible 13 medals in total and qualified for 3 finals. In addition to this, Mike was a member of the Great Britain FTR Rifle Team who travelled to South Africa for the F Class World Championships back in March. Mike won 4 medals whilst out there which is an incredible achievement for a world class competition.

Here is his full list of achievements from 2023 so far;
154th Imperial Meeting;
1st Place Daily Mail 500yds FTR
1st Place Alexandra 600yds FTR
1st Place Allcomers Teams Match FTR
2nd Place Times 300yds FTR
2nd Place Wimbledon 600yds FTR
2nd Place Duke of Cambridge 900yds FTR
2nd Place Conan Doyle 1000yds FTR
2nd Place Daily Telegraph 500yds FTR
2nd Place Donaldson Memorial Final 1000yds FTR
2nd Place St George’s Final 1000yds FTR
2nd Place Farquharson Final 1000yds FTR
2nd Place Grand Aggregate 1000yds FTR
2nd Place Hobson/Kent Cup FTR
2nd 2009 FCWC Celebration Aggregate FTR
3rd Place Kent Cup 900yds FTR
F Class World Championships;
1st Place FCWC Individuals Day 1 700m FTR
3rd Place FCWC Individuals 700m Aggregate FTR
3rd Place FCWC International Teams Match FTR
3rd Place SA Open Protea International Teams Match FTR

Mike is a highly dedicated F Class shooter and his efforts are certainly being portrayed in his achievements. Mike is using a March 10-60×52 SFP Scope on a Barnard S Action bedded in a Joe West Stock. We congratulate Mike on these incredible achievements and wish him the very best of luck for the rest of the season!

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