Shooting 6.5×47 rifle with the new March 5-42×56 Genll FFP riflescope at 900 yard

Posted 03/28/2024

Check out our latest video showcasing the awesome features and real-time action footage of the new March FX 5x-42x56mm Gen-II High Master.

Range: 900 yards

Wind: 10-15 MPH

Rifle: Victrix 6.5×47

Bullet: 130 grain Berger Vld



March-FX 5-42x56mm FFP scope was developed for long-range shooters and hunters who demand the highest mechanical/optical performance. Large elevation travel amount of 130MOA / 40MIL is perfect for long-range shooting. The incorporated High Master lens system (2 Super ED lenses) suppress chromatic aberration even more than with ED lenses and thus produce a sharper image with greater contrast, while still having a strong scope. It also features a Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System that naturally adapts to temperature changes and maintains focus and clarity under a variety of conditions. The wide 26 degrees FOV (a 30% increase over our standard model) allows the shooter to find the target faster and prevent misfires. Elevation, windage and side focus turrets are lockable.


For the Generation ll of the popular 5-42x56mm scope, we have upgraded the lever locking turrets of the elevation & windage to the latest shuriken locking turrets. (Shuriken are star shaped throwing knives used by Ninjas in Japan. Red is locked, white is unlocked.) The image quality has also been further refined especially near the maximum elevation amount.

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