News on the ongoing GBFCA European F Class Championships @ Bisley

Posted 09/05/2019

This GBFCA European F Class Championships held in Bisley is the largest international F Class competition in the world

and March Scopes Europe is proud to sponsor this traditional event.





Gary Costello – Managing Director of March Scope Europe is not only sponsoring the event,

but he is also competing in the Championships as one of a shooter.

Gary is one of the top class shooters in the world.   


(Source of reference: Accurate shooter .com)



We apologize that the results below are partial, but we’d like to share some results with you.

I have highlighted Gary’s results. He is doing a fantastic job so far.


Day 1 (Sep 3rd)  Result of F Class Open Aggregate



Day 2 (Sep 4th) Result of F Class Open 1000 yards & Aggregate




Edited by : Mari Morita

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