The youngest March Scope Owner, Rohan Barlow (Australia) came 2nd in the Australian Capital Territory Queen’s event.

Posted 11/19/2019

Congratulations to the youngest March Scope Owner, Rohan Barlow (Australia, Age 12 at 2019 present) from Queensland

coming 2nd at the Australian Capital Territory Queen’s event in F-TR.




Rohan and his father Daryl are selected for the Australian National team as well.



Rohan’s father Daryl (in the right picture above) has a shooting experience spanning more than 40 years and

he has been involved in long range shooting, especially F-TR and F standard, at the National and International levels for over 10 years.

He has placed well in World’s Championship and has won numerous gold medals in long range shooting competitions.

Below are their Gun components and Gears.


Gun Components, Gears

Rohan (Son) Daryl (Father)
Pierce Titanium action Stollie Panda
Pierce carbon fiber stock Kelby Stock
RAD system fitted RAD system fitted
Brix N Andy trigger Jewell trigger
Seb Joypod and rear bag Phoenix Bipod
Madco 1 in 10 Barrel Madco 1 in 10 Barrel
March 8-80x Scope High Master March 10-60x Scope



Caliber & Load

.308 Winchester (Palma cases (small primer))

30 Cal 185gr Berger Hybrid Target Bullets, 2850 FPS

Depending on the wind 30 Cal 200 gr Hybrid Target Bullets, 2800 FPS

AR2208/Varget Powder


Father and son have been practicing really hard for this Canberra Queen’s in November

so we are very excited to be able to witness Rohan’s amazing result !

They will be shooting in  2021 World Championship held in South Africa as selected members of national team.



Written by : Mari Morita


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