To our future and current distributors/dealers

Posted 03/03/2020

We are a very small manufacturer in the country side in Japan.

March scopes are all hand built by Japanese craftsmen using 100% genuine Japanese made parts. 

There is a limit to what we can manufacture per month which is in fact a small quantity

and fortunately we are receiving many orders already reaching our limit which is likely to continue for some time.

Not only our manufacturing ability, but also our staffs’ capacity has reached its limit as well.

Regretfully we are shorthanded.


We are a group of craftsmen. 

Since our company’s policy is to concentrate on development and assembly,

most of our staffs are assigned to these operations.

There is only one engineer whose main task is development, doing import / export work on his spare time.

And I (Mari) am the only person with tasks requiring English.


We apologize ahead in case we are late with our correspondences.

We also apologize that our Japanese way of business

may seem a little different from what you expect in your culture.


We have been blessed with our distributors/dealers who understand our value and culture.

Thanks to them, we have come this far. 

We (our distributors / dealers and DEON : manufacturer of March Scopes) consider ourselves as a team.


If you are interested in becoming part of our team as a dealer, please contact us.

Email address :    info@deon.co.jp

Thank you for your continued support.


Written by : Mari Morita

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