A review of the March Spotter Accessory Kit prototype – by Denys Beauchemin

Posted 03/25/2020

March Scopes is launching a spotter accessory kit this coming May.

We asked March Scope owner- Denys Beauchemin to test the prototype and review for our website.

(We use 100% genuine japanese high quality parts for all our scopes and parts

especially designed and manufactured for March Scopes brand. )


At SHOT SHOW 2020, MarchScopes.com showcased a concept for an accessories kit that transforms a March riflescope to a spotting scope. 

I thought that was a neat little kit that I could put to good use. 

When I travel to matches, I have spares for just about everything, including a riflescope. 

Now, instead of leaving the backup scope in the box, I can actually put it to good use on the line with this accessory kit.


This is the box in which the kit arrived.  This is an early version, subject to change

but in it you see the adapter rail at the top, the adjustable eyepiece shade on the right,

and a set of focus middle wheels in the middle and a small Allen wrench for installing one of these wheels.



The adapter rail is a precise Picatinny rail with 5 taps underneath designed to receive a standard tripod screw ¼”X20.

The adjustable eyepiece shade screws into the eyepiece of the March scope. 

The one pictures here fits nicely into my March-X 5-50X56 and will fit most every other March scope. 

However, with the introduction of the new Wide Angle eyepieces, I heard that there will be an adapter to fit these larger eyepieces. 

My backup scope is the March-X 5-50X56 that I just mentioned and it sits in a box with its level,

large focus wheel, and March rings, attached to the Kebly rail that I use for that scope.   

You will also notice the translucent March Zoom lever.



The scope that is now on my match rifle is a March-X 10-60X56HM, and it has its own rings, rail, level, Zoom lever, and large focus wheel. 

If I need to swap the scopes for some reason, I just remove the whole assembly

including the rail from the rifle and slide in the backup scope on its rail. Its settings are for 1000 yards.

To transform my backup scope as a spotter, all I need to do is loosen the rings

from the base, swap the base with the adapter rail and screw on the eyepiece shade.  That’s all.



Since I already have the large focus wheel installed, I do not need to install the middle focus wheels from the kit. 

However, if you do not have either installed, you should select the proper middle wheel to fit your focus wheel

and use the supplied Allen wrench to tighten the three screws in the wheel to stay on the focus wheel.  

These wheels provide for better, more granular focus adjustments. 

You do not need to install the middle wheel to use the scope, but this old writer,

with arthritis in his left hand finds it much more precise with the larger wheel.

You can remove the middle wheel when you put your scope back on your rifle,

but after using these wheels, why would you remove them?


I like the March Zoom lever and I have one on each of my March scopes;

they are not indispensable and the regular zoom function is just fine. 

I find it just a touch smoother with the zoom lever. 

I highly recommend you get one of these excellent March Zoom levers;

they are made specifically for the March scopes and they will not mar the finish. 

There is a black and translucent (pictured above) model.


Next, screw in the tripod mounting screw into one of the holes underneath the rail to balance the scope and there you are;

your backup March scope is now a spotting scope with full use of the reticle and the zoom range. 

Since it’s my backup scope, I make sure I do not play with the adjustment knobs when using it as a spotter.




Denys Beauchemin

Texas, USA.

March, 2020.


(Additional explanation from March Scopes)——————————-

When your eye is away from the eyepiece of a scope, your eye position is unstable.

When you shoot, you place the butt stock on your shoulder and rest your cheek on the cheek piece.

This makes your eye position stable.


Now the Eyepiece extension ring in this kit does not have any power,

but it extends the eyepiece so you can look into it with your eye attached to the eyepiece.

As it is covered with rubber, you can look into it like a binocular or a spotting scope.


The difference with a spotting scope is that you can use a same rifle scope as the shooter.

Same model, same reticle. This is the beauty of this kit.

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