World Record in Heavy Varmint 200 yard Class by March Scope Owner – Keith Cottrell (USA)

Posted 07/14/2020

Longtime March Scope Owner Keith’s 5-shot small group measured 0.095” at 200 yard at Cactus Classic on May 2020.

The previous record was 0.096″ and Keith’s record was found to be a new World Record for a 5-shot group in the heavy varmint class.


He shot with his beloved fixed 40×52 March Scope.

(The production of the 40×52 model is discontinued and the successor model is 48×52 March Scope. )


Congratulations Keith for setting a new World Record!

(Below is quoted from NBRSA Precision Rifleman  June 2020)


Action : BAT                                                   Gunsmith : Ocock

Caliber : 6PPC                                               Scope : March 40×52 

Barrel : Krieger                                               Bullet : Rubright 66

Stock : MFG BAT                                            Powder : V133 / 29.7

Stocker : Dickson


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