Several new production models of March Scopes will be available soon!! 4.5-28×52, 1.5-15×42, 1-10x24Shorty

Posted 08/20/2020

At the 2020 Shot Show held in Las Vegas, we displayed 4.5-28×52 FFP, 1.5-15×42 SFP and 1-10×24 FFP as Concept models.

Next month we will conduct final tests and we are looking forward to launch the new models soon;)

*It is unlikely, but the specifications below may slightly change after final testing.


1)  New 4.5x-28×52 FFP rifle scope with illumination
This was originally requested by a PRS shooter and was displayed at the Shot Show as a Concept model.
The magnification range is ideal for PRS shooting.
This scope was developed with practical precision shooting competitors in mind,
but ease of use and moderate weight make it equally at home on nearly any shooting platform.
First Focal Plane Scope with 6.2 Magnification Ratio incorporates High Master optical system combined with athermal construction.
This 4.5-28×52 scope guarantees superb image quality and focus stability across a broad range of temperatures.

— Quick specs —
Super ED lenses / 34mm body tube / Wide Angle Eyepiece, Apparent FOV: 25 Degree / First Focal Plane / Zero Set /
Side Focus: 10yds to infinity / 1 Click =0.1mil / Reticles : FML-TR1 & FML-3 / Elevation : 36mil / Windage : 20mil / Weight : 845g (29.8oz)

Please click HERE to see the reticle designs and subtensions.

2)  New 4.5x-28×52 FFP rifle scope without illumination 

Non illuminated version scope was requested after the Shot Show by other PRS shooters

who were in need of a PRS oriented reticle with finer lines. 

In order to keep the reticle lines fine, this model is deliberately developed in a non-illuminated version.

FML-PDK is a tree reticle, and FML-LDK reticle is a non-tree reticle for those who prefer simpler design.

These 2 reticles were designed by PRS shooters.  

Specifications for this scope is the same as above except that this will be a little lighter.  Weight : 815g (28.7oz)

FML-PDK(tree) reticle @20x

FML-LDK(non-tree) reticle @20x

Please click HERE to see the reticle designs and subtensions.

3)  New 1.5x-15×42 SFP rifle scope – Hunting Model in MIL

We developed this scope listening to hunters’ requests and displayed at the Shot Show as a Concept model.
New 42mm objective lens developed just for this scope, produces excellent low light performance in a compact form factor,
while 1.5x low end magnification together with a day bright illuminated dot makes for very fast target acquisition.

— Quick specs —
30mm body tube / Apparent field of view: 20 Degree / Second Focal Plane / Side Focus: 10yds to infinity / 1 Click =0.1mil /
Reticles : FD-1 & FD-2 / Elevation, Windage : 40mil / Normal capped turrets, finger adjustable / Weight : 610g (21.5oz)

4)  New 1.5x-15×42 SFP rifle scope – Tactical competition Model in MOA 

We also developed 1.5-15×42 in MOA in order to match the NRAʼs new Mid-Range Tactical Rifle competitions.

— Quick specs (different items than the above)—
1 Click =1/4moa / Reticle : MTR-5 / Tactical turrets 

5)  New 1x-10×24 Shorty FFP rifle scope 

This scope can be used just like a dot-sight with both eyes open for point blank range since it’s a true 1X scope. 

With its 10-fold zoom ratio, it can also be used for long range precision shooting. This scope does it all.

The size and the weight are about the same as a 500ml (16.9oz) plastic bottle.

The length is 214mm(≒8.4inch), the weight is 495g(≒17.4oz).

This ultra compact scope is suitable for tactical shooting and hunting.

— Quick specs —
30mm body tube / Apparent field of view: 19.2 Degree / First Focal Plane / Side Focus: 10yds to infinity / 1 Click =0.1mil /
Reticle : DR-1 (Newest March Dual Reticle) / Elevation, Windage : 56mil / Tactical turrets / Weight : 495g (17.4oz)

The newest March Dual Reticle assembled in 1-10×24 Shorty has advantages of both FFP reticle and SFP reticle.
It contains the convenience of the FFP reticle scale which magnifies and reduces according to the magnification
and the usability of the SFP reticle with the constant thickness of the line even if the magnification changes.
By adopting the bright fiber dot illumination on the Second Focal plane, it is bright at lower magnification and can also be used as a dot scope.
At higher magnification, this can be used for long range and precision shooting making use of the scales.  
Please look forward to more information on the March Dual Reticle!

Written by : Mari Morita


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