Lars Rørstrøm made 4 hits at 2 miles (3.21869km) at the Cold Bore Range in Denmark with March 5-42×56 Scope!

Posted 09/13/2021

After a long lockdown, March Scope Owner, Lars Rørstrøm (Denmark) made 4 hits at 2 miles (3.21869km) at the Cold Bore Range in Denmark! Congratulations Lars for your impressive accomplishment 😉

Lars mentioned that he loves our March 5x-42×56 FX High Master. However he needed to use an external accessory when shooting at 2 miles in need of a large amount of elevation travel. Therefore in order to avoid using an external accessory, he has now purchased March Genesis 6-60×56!  From the next 2miles match, he will be shooting with March Genesis 6-60×56. His beloved March 5x-42×56 FX High Master will go on to his Cadex cdx33-lite 338 lapua mag.


March Genesis 6-60×56 has 114 Mil/400MOA of total elevation travel without utilizing any external accessories. Because of the supreme High Master lens system Genesis scope assembles and also because the unique design of Genesis scope allows the shooter to always see through the central part of the lens, Genesis March scopes have the highest image quality among all our scopes, not to mention the largest elevation travel amount. We hope you will do even better at your next match!


↓ Lars’ March 5x-42×56 FX High Master


↓ Lars’ newly purchased March Genesis 6-60×56!



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