Congratulations to 6 March Scopes Owners among the F-Open top 10 shooters at F-Class European Championships

Posted 09/13/2021

F-Class European Championships, the main F-class competition in the UK and the largest annual F-class match in the World, was held at Bisley. Many shooters around the world attended this event. March Scopes Europe was also one of the sponsors.



The good news is that the F-Open class Winner, 3rd place and 4th were all March owners. In fact 6 out of the top 10 shooters used a March scope!




March Sponsored team (all shooters using March scopes),the White Horse Lodge, did extremely well too. They won the International Teams Match beating the country National teams (with .308 rifles). The White Horse Lodge are officially the 2021 European FTR Team Champions!!



Excellent job to ALL the shooters!


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