Testing video of March 4-40×52 Genesis scope with 14.5×114 caliber! (Ukraine)

Posted 10/06/2021

March 4-40×52 mini Genesis FFP scope (elevation travel amount 86MIL/ 296MOA, 6-60×56 Genesis has elevation travel amount of 114MIL/400MOA)  successfully passed the shooting test on the prototype rifle of Horizons Lord (rifle manufacturer in Ukraine https://www.facebook.com/horizonslord/).

A wild cat cartridge based on the gigantic 14.5×114 caliber is necked down to 50 caliber with 750gr Hornady bullet. This travels 1km per second. The recoil is much larger than shooting with the normal 50 BMG cartridge. We are pleased to hear that the 4-40×52 mini Genesis performed flawlessly after 300 rounds!!

Please click HERE to see the video.
Test organized, pictures taken and the video made by our official dealer in Ukraine, IBIS (https://ibis.net.ua/). Special thanks to IBIS;)


You can compare and see how large the 14.5×114 caliber is!

Source of reference : https://sites.google.com/site/ammodatabasecom/02—anti-tank









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