Tracking accuracy of the new ELR standard : 6-60×56 Genesis(114MIL/400MOA) & 4-40×52 Mini Genesis(86MIL/296MOA)

Posted 10/22/2021

Genesis models are now the new standard of ELR shooting. The unique design of Genesis scopes (the scope itself inclines) allow the shooter to always see through the central part of the lens producing clarity, definition, and minimal chromatic aberration even when the maximum elevation is used. This scope can be used from 20 meters up to 3 miles (4827m) without utilizing any external accessories. Some shooters use Genesis at F class or shoot with .22Lr at 500 meters! Genesis can be used for other shooting categories as well.



We have not changed specifications, but we launched 4-40×52 mini Genesis in 2020 and added new click options in March 2021. The turrets adjustment direction is the same for all March Scopes. Genesis models have wider apparent field of view than our standard models (about 20degree) so that shooters could observe the point of impact quicker even at a far distance.


6-60×56 Genesis FFP Scope

Elevation travel amount : 114MIL / 400MOA

Apparent field of view : 24.96 degrees 

1 click adjustment : 0.05MIL (for finer adjustment), 0.1MIL (for easier calculation), 1/4MOA


4-40×52 Genesis FFP Scope

Elevation travel amount : 86MIL/296MOA

Apparent field of view : 24 degrees 

1 click adjustment : 0.05MIL (for finer adjustment), 0.1MIL (for easier calculation), 1/4MOA


The adjustment of Genesis is done externally and the scope itself inclines. The advantage of the external adjustment is that the shooter can always see through the central part of the lens. This is why Genesis models have a perfect and the best image quality among all March Scopes. On the other hand, Genesis models need to externally move smoothly. If the rubber boots cover has a tear or is damaged, it will not affect the function of the scope itself, but please replace them as they protect the moving part of the scope from dust. Spare boots cover are available at your local March dealer (they may be back order) and can be easily replaced by hand.


We always strive to develop innovative products. The Genesis model with external adjustment is the first of its kind in the optics industry. We are the first manufacturer to challenge and realize this daring design. Recently we received an inquiry about the tracking accuracy of Genesis models. For the very first lot of 20 scopes shipped to the US in January 2019, we found that the movement of the grease applied on rotating part of the 2 outer rubber covers deteriorated when it was especially cold, or after a long periods due to increased resistance. We have improved the material of the grease applied on the rotating part and there is no longer an issue. We have reached all relevant March Scope Owners who we could contact and have changed the grease used in the scopes.  Please be assured of the tracking. We normally do not disclose this information, but the tracking error is less than 0.1MIL when using the maximum elevation at 114MIL of 6-60×56 Genesis scope.  

We hope you enjoy shooting with the new Genesis scopes!


Written by : Mari Morita



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