Shooting 24inch square target at 3000yards with March Genesis 4-40×52 by MarkAndSam Afterwork (Australia)

Posted 02/15/2022

Here is a great video by MarkAndSam Afterwork in Australia shooting 300WSM at 3000yards with March Genesis 4-40×52 scope. The target is 24inch (60.96cm) square. Mark actually shoots the target on his second shot. This is truly amazing;) (*Please note that they purchased the scope themselves. Their opinion is honest and will be critical if it needs to be. )


Genesis models are now the new standard of ELR shooting. The unique design of Genesis scopes (the scope itself inclines) allow the shooter to always see through the central part of the lens producing clarity, definition, and minimal chromatic aberration even when the maximum elevation is used. This scope can be used from 20 meters up to 3 miles (4827m) without utilizing any external accessories. Some shooters use Genesis at F class or shoot with .22Lr at 500 meters or on airguns! We normally do not disclose this information, but the tracking error is less than 0.1MIL when using the maximum elevation at 114MIL of 6-60×56 Genesis scope.

Genesis models have wider apparent field of view than our standard models (about 20degree) so that shooters could observe the point of impact quicker even at a far distance.

● 6-60×56 Genesis FFP Scope
Elevation travel amount : 114MIL / 400MOA
Apparent field of view : 24.96 degrees
1 click adjustment : 0.05MIL (for finer adjustment), 0.1MIL (for easier calculation), 1/4MOA

● 4-40×52 Genesis FFP Scope
Elevation travel amount : 86MIL/296MOA
Apparent field of view : 24 degrees
1 click adjustment : 0.05MIL, 0.1MIL, 1/4MOA


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