An inspiring article written by a young March Scope Owner, Rohan Barlow in Australia

Posted 03/01/2022

This is an inspiring article written by a young March Scope Owner, Rohan Barlow in Australia. Rohan was only 12 years old when he came 2nd at the Australian Capital Territory Queen’s event in F-TR in 2019. Rohan’s influencer, his father Daryl Barlow has placed well in World’s Championship and has won numerous gold medals in long range shooting competitions with shooting experience spanning more than 40 years. Reading this article gave me courage. I hope it will encourage you too!



Article below and pictures are quoted from Facebook of Pacific Rifle Club. 2/23  12:22 

Spotlight Shooter for February – Junior F-Class shooter – Rohan!
Tell us about your shooting journey:
Having ground up on a farm I have been surrounded by guns from a very young age. Where guns were around, so was the biggest influencer of my shooting journey – my Dad. Since he has been shooting for almost his entire life, it was something that I kind of inherited. I didn’t only inherit some of his skill, but his knowledge and passion for shooting too (and a few of his rifles). This made getting my gun license and starting competitive shooting an easy choice when I turned eleven.

One of my greatest accomplishments was making the Queensland State Adult team for FTR at twelve (youngest ever). This trip was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had; it was filled with fun times, late nights and lots of learning. I was educated on how one actually wants their steak cooked to how to adapt to different ranges, all in the space of one trip away with amazing shooters (and Dad).
Following this trip and absorbing all I could, I came back and shot the Canberra Queens where I placed 2nd. After making this team and having such a great time, my next goal is to make the National FTR team.

Favorite Range:
Having shot on a few different ranges now I must say that my favorite range would be Belmont. The atmosphere at Belmont is amazing. There’s always so many people willing to give you some advice and help you get better. Along with that the conditions are always changing making it an extremely fun place to shoot.

Tips for New Shooters:
There are a few tips that I think really helped me when I was a new shooter.
1. Don’t fear the wind (even though I still do a bit), the wind is your friend, as it opens opportunities.
2. Take in as much from the people around you; they are willing to share. This aids in your learning and will reflect in your shooting.
3. Shooting a Queens is like shooting a whole year of club. You can learn so much from just shooting one Queens no matter how well you do in it.

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