Today’s scopes are 1-10×24 shorty FFP and 3-24×42&52 FFP scopes. Global sale is until 3/14!

Posted 03/10/2022

Huge and rare March global sale is until March 14th. Introduction of our scopes’ lineup will end tomorrow. Thank you for bearing with our continuous posts. There are still many scopes we’d like to share with you, so today’s scopes are 1-10×24 Shorty FFP scope with a dual reticle having advantages of both SFP and FFP reticle and 3-24×42&52 FFP scopes which is a great choice for hunting and general shooting.
Product page for 1-10×24 Shorty FFP scope : https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d10sv24fiml/
Product page for 3-24x FFP scope : https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d24v52fiml/

You will receive up to 15% off for all March Scopes during the global sale running from March 1st-14th. (*Subject to T&Cs. The discount rate is at the discretion of each dealer. Parts are NOT for sale. For the customers in Japan, you will receive special March goods instead of a discount for orders placed during the global sale. ) Thank you for your continued support!

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