Congratulations Lou Murdica (USA) for winning at WESTERN WILDCAT rimfire f-class 6400 match

Posted 03/23/2022

Congratulations Lou Murdica (USA) for another impressive win! Lou is our first March Scope customer in the US and also the owner of Cal Shooting Supplies https://www.calshootingsupplies.com/.
I shot the WESTERN WILDCAT rimfire f-class 6400 match.
It’s a lot of shooting 5 days
First day is team Jim Murphy and I shot the team event and won.
Then you shoot 8 targets 5 at 50 meters and 3 targets at 100 yards
For a total of 160 record shots a day.
For 4 days. It’s a fantastic shoot run very well. I won my class of High Grand  Senior And 5th overall. Thank you to all the companies that support
the match. I won a Seb rear bag thank you.
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