A passionate article on ELR shooting written by Rod Formosa (Italy) – ELR two system or one system? etc.

Posted 04/01/2022

Rod Formosa, ELR shooter and founder of Rifletalks.com, shares his experience and passion for ELR shooting in this article. After trying ELR two system (adjustable mount and Prism device) and ELR one system (one scope does it all), he found that the cost would end up the same as the 6-60×56 Genesis scope (elevation travel amount : 400MOA / 114MIL) and now he is an owner of Genesis scope coupling with 33XC and 37XC. If you are wondering of the difference this will be a useful source. Rod is an avid ELR shooter traveling to many matches so it is interesting to learn of his wide experience as well! Pictures in Italy shown in this article are breathtaking!


March Genesis 6-60×56 Extreme Long Range Scope



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