Patent Gimbal system of Genesis Scopes enabling incredible large elevation travel amount and the utmost optical quality

Posted 04/19/2022

(1)  Introduction of Genesis Scopes

GENESIS is an epoch making scope which extends the accuracy capability of modern rifles without the need for modifications including inclined rails, adjustable mounts, or prism systems even for ELR shooting. One Genesis Scope is all you need, offering up to 400MOA / 114MIL of elevation travel amount which will allow the shooter to shoot from 20 meters up to 3 miles (4827m).  It took us many years to develop Genesis Scopes which is globally unique and the first in the history, launched in 2019. Genesis Scope may seem expensive than normal scopes but as you do not need to purchase other accessories you may find that it is actually cost-effective.


(2)  Merits : ①Time efficiency, ②Less tracking error, ③Brightness

① With Genesis scope you can simply rotate the elevation turret like a normal scope enabling you to shoot at various distances in a short period of time. You will probably benefit the most when you do not have enough time to do complicated calculations or adjust your external accessories at ELR competitions.


②  As you do not need other external accessories when shooting with Genesis Scope, the only tracking error would be of the Genesis Scope itself. The tracking error is less than 0.1MIL when using the maximum elevation at 114MIL of 6-60×56 Genesis Scope. However if you are using other external accessories with a non Genesis Scope, since the prism is mounted on the Picatinny rail separately from the scope, rather than as an integral part of the scope, there may be a possibility of misalignment of the axis between the scope and the prism due to impacts such as those that occur when shooting or for other reasons. If the prism is not misaligned at all, then the accuracy of the tracking is the accuracy of the scope itself. 


③ Genesis Scope is all you need to shoot from 20 meters up to 3 miles (4827m), so you do not need to attach a prism in front of the objective lens. Since the prism will not reduce the objective lens area, you will be able to utilize the maximum objective lens with Genesis Scope being able to gain a brighter image. The difference will be more noticeable at higher power.


(3)  ①Features, ②Lens system

6-60×56 Genesis FFP Scope has 400MOA / 114MIL elevation travel amount and the 4-40×52 Genesis FFP Scope has 296MOA / 86MIL elevation travel amount. Both are available in 0.05MIL (for finer adjustment), 0.1MIL (for easier calculation), 1/4MOA click adjustments with wide angle eyepiece of more than 24 degrees making it easier to spot the target at long distances.


② All Genesis Scopes employ  “High Master Lens System” and “Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System”. Genesis Scopes have the highest optical quality you can ask for. The High Master Lens System has 2 Super ED lens elements within its lens system suppressing chromatic aberration even more than with ED lenses and thus being able to produce a sharper image with greater contrast, while still having a strong scope. Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System provides a more stable lens system that naturally adapts to changes in temperature to maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.

(4)  Design philosophy

The reason why we succeeded in achieving this incredible large elevation travel amount of the scope is because we employed an external adjustment thinking outside of the box. The external adjustment also has an advantage allowing the shooter to always see through the central part of the lens maximizing optical clarity in all conditions which is why Genesis Scope has the best image quality among all March Scopes even at maximum elevation. 


This Gimbal system (image below) is our patent. What makes Genesis Scope with external adjustment different from ordinary scopes with internal adjustment is that the gimbal system sphere at the center of rotation (the blue dotted circle) is nearly twice larger, 1.6 times to be exact, than ordinary scopes. In addition, the large red dotted circle guides the entire scope. Superior gimbal system allows for stable scope adjustment. This is the secret to less than 0.1MIL tracking error when using the maximum elevation at 114MIL of 6-60×56 Genesis Scope.


The Gimbal system may be difficult to understand but it means that the circular fulcrum can move 360 degrees. When we say gimbal system in riflescopes, the circular fulcrum will not move 360 degrees but more of up and down. In any riflescope there is a spherical gimbal system inside the scope so that the inner structure can move according to the elevation travel. With Genesis, fulcrum is 1.6 times larger than normal scopes which leads to a larger amount of elevation travel. Also Genesis has a dual gimbal system (red and blue circles in the image below) for more stable adjustment. Normal scope only has one gimbal system.


So the large gimbal system sphere at the center of rotation (1.6times larger than normal scopes) realizes the large amount of elevation travel which Genesis takes pride in. The large size of the Genesis’s gimbal system sphere and also that there is a dual gimbal system leads to stability of the scope’s adjustment. Moreover, spherical structure in constant contact with the regulator by means of multiple springs makes it possible to return to zero over such a wide range of adjustment.

(5) Considerations when using Genesis

Genesis Scopes need to move smoothly externally. However under cold conditions or a long period of inactivity, the movement of the rotating part of the 2 outer rubber may become stiff. Please press the eyepiece downward a couple of times as suggested in our owner’s manual. https://marchscopes.com/genesis_man/#target/page_no=3 We recommend that you also move the eyepiece before competitions to maximize the movement of the rotating part and to be prepared in best condition.  


Also if the rubber boots cover experience a tear or is damaged, it will not affect the function of the scope itself, but please replace them as they protect the moving part of the scope from dust. Spare boots covers are available at your local March dealer (they may be back order) and can be easily replaced by hand.

In most cases Genesis Scope will not contact the gun if you put a spacer on it. If you have a longer barrel, you may be able to see the tip of the muzzle near the center of the scope when looking through the scope. In this case, even if the scope does not hit the gun, more height may be needed in such cases. Please contact us if you are encountering such a problem as we may be able to offer you a solution in adding height. Please check the previous article below for more information on scope height of Genesis Scope. 


Scope height of Genesis 6-60×56 and 4-40×52 Scopes

For detailed information, please see below. When the 6-60x56Genesis scope (UP: 100MIL / DOWN: 14MIL) is adjusted for full 100MIL, the tip of the gun (muzzle brake, etc.) may be visible for longer barrels and the scope height must be increased even more. With the 6-60×56 Genesis mounted with spacers, the center of the scope is 66mm above the top of the picatinny rail. If the distance from the gun center to the top of the Picatinny rail is Xmm and the distance from the gun tip (muzzle brake, etc.) to the gun center is Ymm, the height from the gun tip to the scope center is expressed as (66+X-Y). 1MIL represents 1/1000 of the height relative to the distance. Thus, 100 MIL is 1/10. In the case of the above gun and scope settings, if the length from the center of the scope to the tip of the gun is not less than [(66+X-Y)mm x 10], the center of the reticle will be hidden by the tip of the gun when adjusted to the full 100 MIL in the Upward direction.

In this case, the scope must be raised even higher, so additional spacers must be added to the scope. Special parts such as screws to attach the mount to the scope body are required, so please contact DEON. If the Picatinny rail mounting surface is already sloped, such as for guns with low firepower, the calculation should be made as 100 MIL + sloping angle (MIL).



We have been receiving inquiries about Genesis Scopes recently and we hope that the above may answer those questions. We DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) are a small custom manufacturer, but we do our utmost to keep innovating in order to live up to discerning March Scope owners’ expectations who deserve the best. Thank you for your continued support!


Written by : Mari Morita



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