Special package for 6-60×56&4-40×52 Genesis scopes with Ukiyoe drawings

Posted 04/20/2022

We hope you enjoy our special package for 6-60×56&4-40×52 Genesis scopes. The box folds like a kimono and it has Ukiyoe drawings on both sides of the box.
On one side shows the famous Ukiyoe “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”. This had a great impact on Western artists such as Vincent VAN GOGH, who saw it and later praised it in a letter to a fellow painter; and Claude Debussy, who got an idea and composed the symphonic poem “La Mer (The Sea).”
The other Ukiyoe painting is of Suwa Lake in winter viewed from Shiojiritoge Pass. Suwa basin is where DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) is located. In the late 1800s silk manufacturing industry flourished and after 1950s precision machinery industry developed in place of it. Suwa region is called “Switzerland of the Orient” on account of it’s high degree of technology. Abundant supply of water and crisp clean air is adequate for precision machinery industry and many enterprises were born in the areas of watches, cameras and optical products etc.

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