March 1-10×24 FFP Shorty scope with dual reticle – Youtube review by SuperSetCA

Posted 05/10/2022

The LPVO reviewer, SuperSetCA evaluated our latest March 1-10×24 FFP Shorty scope with dual reticle! The newest March Dual Reticle has advantages of both SFP and FFP reticle. It has the convenience of the FFP reticle scale which magnifies and reduces according to the magnification and the usability of the SFP reticle with the constant thickness (to the eye not the scale value) of the line as the magnification changes. 



There were some comments made in the video so I would like to address them.

1) Illumination

The fiber dot in a dual reticle appears whitish due to blown-out highlights in this video or through other cameras when the aperture is automatically turned on. With the naked eye, the center fiber dot looks red regardless of the outside condition. We have talked to SupersetCA and according to them they mentioned that the human eyeball is more sensitive to light than a camera sensor so in person, it did appear brighter than in the video.   

Daylight bright fiber dot illumination is placed on the Second Focal plane reticle ensuring that the illuminated dot is usable across the entire magnification range; from a dot sight at low magnifications to a precise illuminated dot for long range precision shooting at higher magnifications with the use of the scale. The fiber dot reticle is much brighter than the glass reticle because the LED light is guided by fiber.

Video below taken by March Scopes shows fiber dot in a dual reticle from 1.5-x-10x in 6 levels of illumination and when turned off. As the fiber dot is placed in the Second focal plane of the dual reticle, the size of the fiber dot does not change regardless of the magnification.


2) 1-10×24 FFP shorty scope with capped turrets

The video shows the scope with tactical (exposed) turrets, but 1-10×24 FFP Shorty scope with capped turrets is also available.

3) Side focus adjustment

For a LPVO, March 1-10×24 FFP shorty scope is unique as it is adjustable from 10yd to infinity. This will allow you from close range to long range precision shooting.

4) Unimount for 1-10×24 FFP shorty scope

You can place 2 rings or a single mount at the rear tube, but a mount with a double mounting point is more secure. Therefore, we recommend to use a unimount with double mounting point so that shooters can achieve higher levels of precision. We have a special 1-10×24 FFP shorty package that comes with a custom unimount and a sunshade along with other accessories. Packages for both tactical (exposed) turrets and normal (capped) turrets are available.


5) Dual reticle

Dual reticle has advantages of both SFP and FFP. If you are interested, you can read more in our previous article

◆ Merit of a SFP reticle : The size and thickness of reticle line and dot is always constant. → Cross line and daybright center dot is in SFP reticle. This means that at higher power, the center dot will not bloat and hinder the view. On the other hand, the reticle lines and the center dot will not be too fine at lower power as in the FFP reticle. Cross line and the center dot in the dual reticle is usable throughout the entire magnification range as they are in SFP reticle.

◆ Merit of a FFP reticle : The scale value will always be consistent and it is easy to calculate. → Scale is in FFP reticle. You do not need to convert the scale value at other magnification. 

6) The new DR-TR1 dual reticle

On addition to the simple DR-1 dual reticle, we recently launched DR-TR1 dual reticle.

7) 6 level illumination switch

The 6 level illumination switch produces six levels of light intensity on the reticle for precision shooting in low light or night conditions. Rotating the knurled dial doubles the intensity with each increasing level. If you rotate the knurled dial of the 6 level illumination switch with your finger tips, the side focus dial will not move. The rubber switch turns illumination on or off while maintaining the user-selected intensity level. After one hour illumination will automatically shut off to conserve battery life.


We DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) are a small custom manufacturer, but we do our utmost to keep innovating in order to live up to discerning March Scope owners’ expectations who deserve the best. Thank you for your continued support!


Posted by : Mari Morita

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