Solid Solution Designs with March 6-60×56 Genesis scope / Result of King of 2miles in France

Posted 05/23/2022

We hope all the participants at King of 2 miles in France (May 19-22, 2022) had a great time! The result can be found here. https://www.facebook.com/KO2MFRANCE/posts/531683428660299


Quoting comment from Rod Formosa’s original post. “Good luck to Solid Solution Designs for ko2m! Seen here is their Desert Tech ready to rumble with the March Genesis Scope on. Good luck guys – review here👇https://www.rifletalks.com/equipment-reviews/march-genesis-6-60×56-extreme-long-range-scope/?fbclid=IwAR25a1c2kU4H_8EMOXSAlXbf_L6MdZiaW2L5-PNCbwPBWD0f1WDwHmjjje8



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