In-depth review of March 1-10×24 shorty scope with the newest dual tree reticle “DR-TR1” by Precision rifle reviews

Posted 05/27/2022

Interesting in-depth review of March 1-10×24 shorty scope with a dual reticle (best of both FFP and SFP reticles) by Precision rifle reviews. Later in the video shows the newest dual tree reticle “DR-TR1”! As mentioned in this video, please note that the center fiber dot never flashes in reality. It appears like that because of the refresh rate of the camera.



Recently there was another video reviewing our 1-10×24 shorty scope, but in it the center fiber dot appears whitish due to blown-out highlights. Reviewer mentioned that the human eyeball is more sensitive to light than a camera sensor, so in person it did appear brighter than in the video.
It is always difficult to film reticles through videos and looking through naked eyes is much better and far different than through videos. We (manufacturer of March Scopes) also took a video of a dual reticle so this might be helpful. However this is not close to what you can see with your naked eye as well!


But we hope that through many videos, you can have a better understanding of March’s new dual reticle having advantages of both FFP and SFP! Difference of FFP/SFP/Dual reticle can also be found in our previous article. https://marchscopes.com/news/10413/ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your continued support!

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