Possibly the most compact, longest range capable firearm with March 1-10×24 Shorty scope – by Alabama Arsenal

Posted 05/30/2022

Original post by Alabama Arsenal.

“Possibly the most compact, longest range capable firearm ever.
JTAC Industries LLC Elf Owl (6mm ARC)
March Scopes 1-10x Shorty
Liberty Machine LLC: Precision Machining Anthem
B&T Industries Atlas Bipod”
Quote: https://www.facebook.com/AlabamaArsenal/posts/pfbid02Gps68S5aoje6roMFRkrwFTm8yLHArRWHDTSFJgfU54CcN6nunsiXDec3D9XMrVLbl 


What a beauty! An impressive setup with our March 1-10×24 Shorty Scope with dual reticle (best of both FFP and SFP reticles)😊
Ultra compact & light March 1-10×24 Shorty scope suitable for tactical shooting and hunting weighs 505g(≒17.8oz) and the length is 214mm(≒8.4inch). Product page: https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d10sv24fiml/



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