Remark on March-X scope by William Heckman (rifle builder)

Posted 06/02/2022

Reposting William Heckman‘s original comment. William, thank you for sharing a beautiful story!


“Building rifles for people i always put more perfection into customers than i do my own, this light gun class 1000yd rifle though i thought out every part i felt was the best. I have another well known high power 1/8moa click scope on my f open rifle but wanted to try a March X. It really is so far ahead of my other branded scope its almost ridiculous in clarity, sight picture, extremely fine focus and parallax adjustments. This is on my own range just screwing around before dark at 400yds with a 4 shot group with its 110gr smk tune. Now im selling that other brand scope on my f open rifle for another March X. This scope has changed me.”

(Quote from: https://www.facebook.com/groups/616096782276356/posts/1090577911494905/)



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