Beautiful setup of Eric Bisson, the Captain of F-class Team Canada with March 10-60×56 High Master Scope

Posted 06/13/2022

Beautiful setup of Eric Bisson, the Captain of F-class Team Canada. Dima rifle stock mounted with a March-X 10-60×56 High Master and leather caps made by March Scopes!

Repost from the Facebook post by Dima Rifle Systems.
Friday mood
DimaRS F-TR Rifle Stock
DimaRS Rear Bag
Photos by Eric Bisson
Quoted from: https://www.facebook.com/dimarifles/posts/pfbid0n5nCtBCpCQPWNxXwejj37H69axHNGemVLKBmpUQJyRBBkFaFyWNf8LLLSNLr7VuHl




Team Canada won first place at a F-TR team match in Washington State, USA in May 2022. On the left in the picture right below is Eric. Previous article: https://marchscopes.com/news/12434/




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