Congratulations Eric (Captain of F-class Team Canada)! Shooting with March 10-60×56 High Master Scope

Posted 07/04/2022

Congratulations Eric Bisson (Captain of F-class Team Canada) for winning at the Saskatchewan Provincials F-Class Match in Canada! He is shooting with March-X 10-60×56 High Master Scope mounted on Dima rifle stock.

The High Master lens system has 2 Super ED lenses which offers utmost clarity and natural color right to the edge of the image. Super ED lenses can suppress chromatic aberration even more than with ED lenses and thus produce a sharper image with greater contrast, while still having a strong scope. We also recently found that 10-60×56 along with 48×52 and 40-60×52 have better shimmer protection than our other models. You can read about shimmer protection of Super ED lenses in our previous article. 


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