Gun Runners team is the Champion team at Saskatchewan Provincials Championship (Canada)!

Posted 07/12/2022

March Scopes Canada supported Gun Runners team is the Champion team at the 2022 Saskatchewan Provincials Championship!! Congratulations;) Talented Gun Runners’ shooters won so many awards. What an incredible team!!! They are shooting with March-X 10-60×56 High Master Scope. 10x-60x56mm employs “High Master Lens System” incorporating 2 Super ED lenses within its system offering utmost clarity and natural color right to the edge of the image and “Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System” that naturally adapts to changes in temperature to maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.

At the 2022 Saskatchewan Provincials Championship,
F-Open: Canadian Gun Runners teammate Brad Traynor (left in the picture) was the overall winner.
F-TR: Team captain, Eric Bisson (right in the picture), was the overall winner.

At the 2022 Saskatchewan LRS Championship,
F-TR: teammate Marc Thibault (second from right) had a first overall finish, team captain Eric Bisson (right) was second, wind coach Dave Harry (second from left) was third and team mate Scott Kyle finished fourth. Canadian Gun Runners take top 4 spots in F-TR.
F-Open: Team mate Brad Traynor (left) had a second place finish.

In the team picture, from left to right:
Brad Traynor-shooter, Gerry Weins-shooter, Eric Bisson-shooter, Dave Harry-wind coach, Marc Thibault-shooter, Scott Kyle-shooter and Adrian Robertson-adjutant.  

Results are below:

Again congratulations for the outstanding achievements;)
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