Strong family bonding of Peter Cross’s, Champion at the 3 Gun National championships 2022 (Australia)

Posted 08/24/2022

Yesterday we posted to congratulate Peter Cross (Australia) for becoming the Champion of the overall 3 Gun at the National championships 2022 for Fly shooting. After that, I happened to come across Judy’s comment (spouse of Peter’s) and couldn’t help sharing. It is such a beautiful story and we were very touched. It shows that shooting can also serve as a means to connect and bond with your family or the loved ones!


Repost of Judy’s comment: “Peter Cross We are so incredibly proud of you!!!

The Nationals at Wagga Gun Range held over the weekend saw you come away as The Grand Aggregate 3 day Winner!!!!
Its been a pleasure to watch you and Stella develop that special bond over the years, as only a Father and Daughter can, sharing in the same passion. I’ve watched as you have made many great friendships that I have been lucky enough to share along side you and to witness the excitement that you and Stella have enjoyed as you both become more and more proficient
I wasn’t there when you were lucky enough to win that beautiful March scope but I could certainly feel the excitement over the phone and we discussed having Warren Gardiner aka Wazza build a rifle for it to adorn as you drove home. Ill never forget the look on yours and Stella’s face when Wazza brought it up to the house and hearing you say you never thought you would be able to do it justice.
After your last couple of shoots I don’t think anybody could argue that you have definitely not done it justice!” 

Peter and his daughter Stella
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 Peter is also a National Record holder in Light Gun class– 276.3 (out of a total possible 300) set in April 2022.
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