Pictures of March’s factory in an ideal environment for scope manufacturing

Posted 09/02/2022

March Scopes is located in Suwa region in Nagano-prefecture (Japan) which is called “Switzerland of the Orient” thanks to its crisp clean air and water. Suwa region is the home of precision machinery industry, not only optical products but also cameras and watches (and also Sake, alcohol made from rice). In the late 1800s silk manufacturing industry flourished in Suwa region. After the World Warll, precision machinery industry developed in place of silk manufacturing industry which leads to today. You can see the abundant greenery surrounding our new factory.





Conference room on the second floor and the view from there.


We are a small custom manufacturer carefully handcrafting scopes with great attention to detail. We will continue to support shooters by providing the very best scopes.


Written by : Mari Morita



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