A quick peek inside March Scopes’ factory

Posted 09/05/2022

We are a small custom manufacturer carefully handcrafting scopes with great attention to detail. In the left picture below, highly skilled craftsmen assemble each scope by hand, fine-tuning it with the feel of their hands.


The long tube equipment in the right picture is called a “collimator”. We use collimator to adjust the position of the focal point, to adjust the state where we can see the clearest and to incorporate components such as lenses precisely without tilting. Different distances is set for different collimators. We also conduct a box test to check if the click travel of adjustment apparatus for MIL and MOA is accurate. Each collimator has a different purpose to serve.


We support shooters by providing the very best scopes as we understand how much reliability is important. 

Written by : Mari Morita


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