Congratulations Jonathan Laître to be the winner of the 140th Quebec Provincial Championship, F-TR (Canada)

Posted 09/15/2022

Below is a repost from March Scopes Canada. “We are delighted to share the news that March Scopes Canada®’s sponsee, Jonathan Laître, is the 2022 F-TR Champion of the 140th Quebec Provincial Championship, one of the most traditional championships in Canada.

Thank you, Jonathan, for your words: “I feel important to mention the contribution from March Scopes Canada to my personal success. March represents the absolute best craftsmanship and design available to shooters on the market. I remember when I got my 1st March a couple years ago….and still run it. In fact I won the provincials with [an older] scope that had been in use for 9 years and still works perfectly. Man did this scope’s been “busy” lol. I’ve looked and tried a couple friend’s scopes typically used in F-Class and in NO WAY I would shoot anything else than a March. In fact, I’m keeping an eye on those new wide angle scopes and, hopefully, there will be something available soon with F-Class specs (reticle and corrections). Please let me know if any development regarding that kind of product.
I used to shoot F-Open and was using a spotting scope to read the mirage. In FTR, I’m only using my [March] rifle scope and it’s plenty enough. The only thing missing is the field of view to see other target impacts as I can use it for vertical trend in angle switch.
Doug, I can’t thank you enough for your kind support. March sets the highest standard and being part of it is an absolute honor.
I hope we get the chance to shake hands soon.”
In regards to the trophies Jonathan was awarded, he shared with us this interesting comment: “… these have been around for over 140 years now and are true pieces of art made of 100% silver and engraved by hand.
So from left to right, the trophy names are :
Left: Major R.M. Watson = 300-400 combined
middle: Davis Stewart = 500-600 combined
right: ATPQ (PQRA in English meaning “Province of Québec Rifle Association”) = Grand Aggregate
again, a HUGE thanks for providing me with the best optic available on the market today.
Best regards”
Thanks to you, Jonathan.

Congratulations, thank you for your kindness and keep being a champion! “

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