Notice to European Customers about March Scope Repairs

Posted 09/26/2022

Notice about March Scope Repairs from March Scopes UK (main distributor in Europe)

Should you ever find your scope in the situation that it needs to be repaired, or is not performing as it should, all the information you will require is listed below.


Firstly, is it actually the scope causing the problem? In our experience it can be another factor that is the problem. Have you checked the scope rings are tight on the scope body and also secured to the scope rail? Is the rail secured to the action? If so, try different rings. A different rail maybe? Are the results the same?  Check action screws to stock as well. If all else fails we suggest swapping the scope to another rifle and testing it. If you need assistance diagnosing a problem, firstly try and eliminate every other component, then get in contact with us and we will continue to diagnose the issue with you. If the focus of the scope is the issue, try running over these steps first: Instructions on how to focus your scope

We understand this can take some time however it will be much less time to do this than to be without your scope for 6-8 weeks for diagnosis and repair.

Once the issue has been identified and we know it is the scope, we will need to return it to Deon Optical in Japan for repair. If the scope has been physically damaged, it will also need to be returned to Japan for repair.

For all our European (and EU regions), we receive scopes at our partner, March Scopes Germany, any UK scope, can be returned to us directly. From here, we return scopes once a month to the factory. Once the scopes are received at Deon, they are fully assessed by their team of optical engineers who solely look after their after sales care and repairs. Should any issue not be covered by warranty, it would be at this point we will notify the customer for approval of cost BEFORE any further work is carried out. In addition, should we require any further information from you to replicate the issue, this will then be requested. If the problem is under warranty, Deon will carry out the work without notification to the customer.

If you are not located in the UK or European region, please contact us and we can advise you where to send your scope.

Usually, from the point the scopes are received with Deon, it will take around 3-4 weeks for evaluation and repair. It will then be shipped back to March UK or March Germany (whichever you sent your scope to for repair).

March UK will send scopes to Japan in the middle of the calendar month. Each month.

March Germany will send scopes to Japan at the end of the calendar month. Each month.

Please bear that in mind, if we receive your scope after the shipment, it will wait 3 or 4 weeks until the next shipment is ready to go. Then, allow around a week for shipping and customs and to arrive with Deon. Around 3-4 weeks for the repair. Then another week for shipping back to us or March Germany. Once we have your scope safely back with us, we will arrange shipping back to you as quickly as we can. Enclosed will be a report directly from the engineer who looked after your scope detailing the information and processes taken to repair your scope.

The below link will take you to our repairs form. You MUST make sure this is downloaded and completed. Once completed, email us a copy at info@marchscopes.co.uk to inform us the scope is on its way, and make sure a copy is supplied inside the scope box too.

Note, we do not update regarding repairs and at what stage they are at. We will only advise if we need further information, approval on the repair cost, or once the scope has actually arrived back with us. In the unlikely event, there should be a delay, we will certainly do our best to keep you informed. But please do consider the time frame that is required to get your scope back to being perfect. Is the scope still usable for the moment? Why not send it back during the quieter winter period?

Full information on the warranty on your scope can be found here: Warranty

We would like to thank you for choosing March Scopes and we hope you continue to get the most enjoyment out of it for many years to come!

DOWNLOAD Repairs form (.word file) 


Many thanks
March Scopes
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