What equipment Graeme Spencer uses, who won 3 medals at Benchrest UK Air and Rimfire Shooting

Posted 10/06/2022

We received a kind comment from March Scope Owner, Graeme Spencer (UK). 

“I absolutely love my March 48×52 High Master Scope which has assisted me in securing 3 medal positions with BENCHREST UK AIR AND RIMFIRE SHOOTING. I compete within Benchrest U.K to WRABF rules, my recent success, two bronze, one silver, came whilst participating in our BRUK Nationals where results go towards qualifying for the WRABF World Championships in the Czech Republic 2023. I’m very hopeful I’ll qualify and join the squad to represent Team GB.”


In this Youtube video, Graeme is interviewed by Air Ability explaining what equipment he uses when he shoots benchrest. We wish you all the best Graeme and hope to see you shoot at the WRABF World Championships!



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