Specs of compact and robust 1.5-15×42 FFP scope with a 34mm body tube is now posted on our product page

Posted 11/25/2022

1.5-15×42 FFP scope (new model for 2023) has a 34mm body tube with a 4mm thick wall. All March scopes are Argon-filled for internal stability and are fully weather-resistant and waterproof to at least 4 meters, and have passed impact tests of up to 1000G. Our 34mm body tube is simply just to make the scope extra strong. With its 4mm thick walls and the overall design, March-X and March-FX models are among the toughest riflescopes in the world. 1.5-15×42 FFP scope is categorized under the March-FX models. “X” in the classification name stands for 34mm body tube and “F” in the classification name stands for FFP (first focal plane).  


The weight of the 1.5-15×42 FFP scope will be finalized before launch, but it will be about 680g(23.99oz). FFP reticle with an illuminated center circle or a dual tree reticle (same type as for the 1-10×24 FFP shorty scope) can be assembled.

Product page: 1.5-15×42 FFP with a Dual reticle (best of both FFP and SFP reticles)

Product page: 1.5-15×42 FFP

We will start taking orders for the new 1.5-15×42 FFP scope from January 17th 2023, the first day of the Shot Show held in Las Vegas, USA. 

Below is the list of our distributors and dealers.


Oceania, Asia & Africa


Thank you all for your interest and passion for this scope!

Poste by Mari Morita at DEON in Japan


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