8-80×56 High Master Majesta scope with a MD disk (modifier disk) at F Class World Championships in ZA

Posted 03/27/2023

Many shooters wonder what an MD disk (modifier disk) actually does… 

The majority of our higher magnification competition scopes come supplied with an MD disk as standard. A modifier disk helps to reduce the amount of light coming into a scope by up to 50%, depending on the conditions. This light reduction increases the scopes depth of field and, perhaps more importantly for competition shooters, reduces the amount of seen mirage. Using a MD Disk at 60x or 80x magnification gives you a competitive advantage when the conditions turn bad and allows you to see the target better than your competitor.

This is being put to use with good effect in conjunction with the March 8-80×56 MAJESTA High Master. This can be seen in the pictures below of Team March shooter, Gary Costello (UK). He has been using the demonstration model that was on display at the IWA Outdoor Classics Show. The scope is mounted onto Gary’s 6.5-7 GPRC, which is one of many of his Speedy Gonzalez rifles, using the new color matched March super light titanium rings.

We wish Gary and all the shooters the very best of luck!

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