Mohsin Nawaz choosing March Genesis scope for his ELR project

Posted 03/29/2023

Thank you Mohsin Nawaz for choosing March Genesis scope for your ELR project shooting with 400 warlord using badlands!


Below is Mohsin’s comment.
I’m into competitive shooting sports since last 20 years. I believe that rifle scope is most important component of your competition rifle can’t be compromised. When it comes to long range shooting, elevation and windage all depend on scope turret , quality. The reason I choose March Genesis is due to its glass clarity and also because of the most accurate clicks I have experienced in any scope. Specially when you’re shooting at 2500M the accuracy of clicks matters a lot and if your scope don’t have accurate clicks then it didn’t matter how good your rifle works you won’t achieve desired accuracy.

I am proud to be a March scope user and also recommend fellow ELR competitive shooters to use March rifle scopes.

Thank you for your kind words and we hope you continue to enjoy shooting with our scope😊
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