More news from South Africa! Update from Kathirvel Balakrishnan (Great Britain) shooting with March 10-60×52 Scope

Posted 04/13/2023

More news from South Africa! Today, we received an update from March Scopes owner, Kathirvel Balakrishnan from Great Britain, about his achievements whilst competing overseas in South Africa…

“The South African Open Championships and the F Class World Championships 2023 held at the General de Wet Range, Bloemfontein presented the most challenging conditions that I have ever shot in. To say this range is difficult is an understatement. We witnessed chilly mornings, baking mid-afternoon heat, biblical thunderstorms, hail and the rapid downpour of heavy rains, just to name a few… With rapidly changing conditions, I opted to solely use my March scope, rather than my spotting scope, to read mirage and pay attention to the flags. At times we witnessed wind brackets of more than 6 MOA for our F-TR rifles. The rifle, load and March scope worked like a charm and helped me maintain high spirits, shoot consistently and also helped me to pick a bronze medal and merit point competing against the world’s elite. All of my current F-TR rifles have a March scope fitted and without a doubt, all of my new rifles will have a March scope. The quality of these scopes and the customer service of March UK (pre & post sale) are second to none.”

Kat was using the March 10-60×52 SFP Riflescope with the MTR1 reticle. We congratulate him on these achievements and wish him the very best of luck for the upcoming F Class season!


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