Congratulations to Bret A. Solomon for winning the Snow Country League Shoot-off (USA) shooting with our prototype of the new 8-80×56 Majesta Scope

Posted 04/21/2023

In the USA, Bret A. Solomon won at the Snow Country League Shoot-off shooting with the prototype of the March-X 8-80×56 High Master Wide Angle Scope. Congratulations Bret! He kindly sent us a write up below with his pictures.


As a competitive F-Class shooter, I would like to THANK YOU for what appears to be your countless hours and significant expenditures in creating what, in my opinion, is one of the best competitive rifle scopes in the industry.


I reside in Monroe, Michigan, which in the winter months, is an area less than conducive to outdoor shooting. With that being said, I commissioned my gunsmith and good friend Mr. Thomas “Speedy” Gonzalez of SG Precision, LLC to build a rimfire rifle (22 caliber) that is an exact duplicate of my high-power F-Class rifles. This rifle allows me to shoot indoors at 50 ft. during the winter months to not only stay on the trigger, but to test equipment as there is no wind and I can make determinations regarding my setup, and even more-so my optics. I frequently try various rifle scopes under these conditions.


Recently I had the opportunity and the privilege of using a prototype MARCH 8-80×56  Majesta rifle scope in the Snow Country League Shoot-off, which was an invitation-only match for the League Championship. With the aid of the MARCH Majesta rifle scope and a very competitive SG Precision rifle and Eley ammunition, I was able to emerge victorious. I shot the match at a 65 power-setting and was able to hold off on an X-ring dot smaller than a pinhead at 50 ft. We use the Orion electronic scoring system in a decimal format, which when the shot is centered up to maximum capability, produces a score of 10.9. One of my best targets, unfortunately not all but one of my best, produced a score of 107 out of a possible 109, with many other targets following close due to the ability to hold where I wanted repeatedly with the MARCH Majesta rifle scope.


In conclusion, once again THANK YOU for your unparalleled devotion to the competitive shooting world.

Bret A. Solomon
Monroe, MI, USA


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