Getting ready for King of 2 Miles Canada with March Genesis 6-60×56 Scope by EM Precision Rifles

Posted 08/18/2023

Great shooting in a breathtaking scenery!


Repost from EM Precision Rifles (Canada)

“Great day out shooting with Mikey Friesen. Stretching the legs on a couple of the Team Enabelrs. Successful hits at 1525m and 1883m. I managed some 1/2moa groups. Running the Cutting Edge Bullets 400gr Lazer. They have been super consistent and very easy for me to tune. Didn’t even need to use the Warner ELR Tuner installed. We chose to build a couple of the Team guns on the venerable Cadex Defence CDX40 single shot actions and ELR Dual Strike chassis. Topped with the March Scopes Canada Genesis with a total of 114mil available elevation as set up. Mike Friesen was shooting another Team rifle built on the Barnard Chey-P and McMillan Beast topped with an Apex Optics Rival running the 390gr Atips. More rounds down range getting ready for @ko2mcanada.”



↓ 375 Enabelr




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